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First, you can always pick up the phone and call our firm. You can also schedule a consultation via our website. However, if you find yourself stressing out in the middle of the night, we do provide some very helpful links, right on our site, to some very helpful tools. Feel free to browse our Tax Resources Page. 

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I am Lawrence J. Danny, and I want you to know that there are ways of legally lowering your tax exposure. After I left the IRS, I wanted to help clients, individually and businesses, realize they are LEGAL ways of minimizing your tax burden. Call me today if you would like to schedule a consultation. It’s your money, keep it in your pocket. Legally, and without stress.

Resources & Calculators

Useful Resources for Financial Management & Forecasting

401k Calculator

Want to know how to put money away and lower your tax exposure? Call us today for a complete tax analysis. 

Interest Calculator

Do you have interest on past owed taxes and or IRS penalties? If so let us assist you with figuring out a viable option to lower interest fees.

Retirement Planner

Managing your own business can be a gift, or a curse. You want to retire one day, yet do you know how? Let us help make a plan by lowering you taxes.

Payment Manager

If the IRS is breathing down your neck, or if you have past owed tax exposure, we can help get you on an affordable payment plan. 

Contact Lawrence Today…

Do not take on the IRS alone. There are ways to legally save money and lower your tax exposure. Call Lawrence today, a former IRS Agent and Fraud Investigator today. He will FIGHT for your financial interests. 


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