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If you are taking time to read this post chances are you are losing sleep over your IRS problems. The IRS doesn’t just go after criminals and unpaid taxes, they look at a plethora of financial issues. According to the Los Angeles Times, there are a multitude of retired state workers who are “eating through” the IRS limits of pensions funds. You can read the article yourself in detail by clicking the link in the post. We highly recommend you do so. Essentially, the pension payouts, or the monthly and yearly amount paid to retired employees, is way higher then the amount the IRS actually has set limits for. The worst part, and this is why we are talking about this issue, is that the difference in payments is coming out of TAXPAYERS pockets.

Why Hire a Former IRS Agent CPA Firm Woodland Hills

The story above talks about how even honest state employees can find themselves with IRS issues. If you are a W2 employee the majority of your taxes, assuming you declared your status correctly, should be taken out of your checks directly. However, for those who are self employed, taxes can be tricky. If you are paying your taxes quarterly or bi-yearly you need to make sure you do so carefully. Falling behind on past taxes can railroad your business.

Hire a Former IRS Agent in Woodland Hills for Tax Problems

If you believe you have a tax problem call my office today. Even if the IRS hasn’t served you with paperwork yet, it is better to be proactive then reactive. As a former IRS Tax agent I know how to jump in and help when IRS issues arise. Whether you are a business owner who is behind on payments or if you haven’t filled correctly, call me today.