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“In 2010, I received a letter from the IRS, informing me that I was being audited for 2008. My CPA at the time showed up to the audit in the Woodland Hills branch, and by the time he was done, not only did I owe 150K for 08, but was double audited for the 09 year as well ! I was livid to say the least! Now I was on the hook for over 300K ! Needless to say, I fired him, and was referred to Larry through a dear friend of mine that has been using him as his personal accountant for over 12 years. Larry, was very understanding, assured me that everything was going to be OK, and I immediately  felt a strong sense of relief when he  got on the phone and started calling the IRS on my behalf. To keep it short, Larry filed an audit reconsideration, stopped the harassing letters, and urged me to do some of the bookkeeping myself to save money. I did as he requested, and 8 months later, Larry showed up to the audit, told me to wait outside, and  2 hrs later, he walks back to my car with a huge smile on his face, and informs me that the $350,000 has now been reduced to 11K. OMG!!! This man is Amazing!!! I was about ready to leave the country! I am eternally grateful to Larry’s for all his hard work and persistence dealing with those jack asses at the IRS.”  

Todd M.

IRS Issue Client

“We have used Lawrence for over 5 years and he is patient and looks at every angle (eg scheduling joint or separate, what to put away in IRA to review tax benefits). I love going in for two hours and he does them right there and then with us able to answer questions and look at scenarios. Love walking out of the office knowing where we are. And now, his software will run what to expect in 2018 because of tax changes.”

Sue F.

Business Tax Client

“I encountered Lawrence Danny while going through a difficult divorce and hired him to catch up on 12 years of taxes. From the day I met him, he held my hand through tempestuous times of threats from the IRS and threats from a bellicose ex. I have referred him to everyone I know, and cannot recommend him strongly enough. He has thorough knowledge of tax codes, tax break, and is hip on the latest trends, dangers, etc. Anyone would benefit from having Lawrence on their side.”

Jenny R.

Tax Client with Divorce Financial Issue

BEst woodland hills cpa

Our Clients Are Like Family

Lawrence is a top rated CPA. He has had a decorated career, and is a highly respected member of the CPA and Financial community. Throughout the Conejo Valley, including Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, and Thousand Oaks.. as well as the entire San Fernando Valley, Mr. Danny has helped thousands of people with their tax and accounting needs for nearly three decades. Lawrence is a humble, easy to talk to, down to Earth man. In fact, you would not even know he was an ex IRS Fraud Investigator. To Lawrence, every client is family and he wants everyone to know he is on THEIR side when they become a client. Call for a free, confidential consultation today.

Who is the best CPA in Woodland Hills?

A lot of clients search online, wondering who the best CPA is in Woodland Hills. Much like attorneys and doctors, there is not such thing as the “best” CPA. What DOES matter, and what you should be asking yourself, is what CPA is best for YOU and YOUR situation. The most important thing you can do, whether you are a business owner who is in hot water with the IRS to an individual simply looking to lower the amount of taxes you owe, is ASK QUESTIONS. That is right, make sure to ask any potential CPA a lot of questions.

Lawrence J. Danny is a decorated Woodland Hills CPA with decades of experience. As an ex IRS Agent Mr. Danny has done everything from simple tax audits to investigating full blow fraud cases. He knows how to legally minimize your tax burdens, which can help save you money and increase your business profits. If you have questions, call today for a FREE tax evaluation. 

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Do not take on the IRS alone. There are ways to legally save money and lower your tax exposure. Call Lawrence today, a former IRS Agent and Fraud Investigator today. He will FIGHT for your financial interests. 


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