Former IRS Agent CPA Firm Woodland Hills

Former IRS Agent CPA Firm Woodland Hills If you are taking time to read this post chances are you are losing sleep over your IRS problems. The IRS doesn’t just go after criminals and unpaid taxes, they look at a plethora of financial issues. According to the Los Angeles Times, there are a multitude of retired […]

Under The Radar – By Happenstance I Heard About An Amazing Car Lease Deal Via The Grapevine!

Under The Radar – By Happenstance I Heard About An Amazing Car Lease Deal Via The Grapevine!  You’ve all heard the adage “if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.” Once or Twice In A Lifetime A Deal Too Good To Be True Just May Be The Real Deal! Well, here’s […]

Seven Reasons Why Business Owners Should Engage In Tax Planning!

Your business may not be currently structured properly to take advantage of certain legal loopholes in the Internal Revenue Code.   There are certain concepts you may not be taking advantage of such as hiring a relative (income shifting) to preserve your family wealth and may be giving it away to Uncle Sam.   Your […]

Feb. 2018 – Latest Developments in Expensing Production Costs for Films!

“‘The Film Act of 2017” The Latest Developments of Sec. 181 H.R.2450 – FILM Act of 2017 has recently passed extending IRC Sec. 181 of the special expensing of production costs for certain film, television and theatrical productions and it retroactive to 1-1-2017. There is One Big Caveat: The film or production must be placed […]

What You Need To Know About Tax Reform!

The President has signed the biggest tax reform law in over 30 years. When you file your 2018 tax returns — about a year from now — your tax return will look very different. And because most changes don’t happen until then, we have some time to learn about the changes and plan for next […]

The Costs of Not Hiring a Tax Professional – Another Example!

The Costs of Not Hiring a Tax Professional! Recently, I was hired to give a consultation to an Advanced Degreed Medical Professional who hired a non-licensed tax professional to prepare a recent year’s tax return.  He saved money since the tax- preparer charged him a nominal fee to prepare the return or so it seems.  […]

Ignoring Your IRS Tax Debt Can Have Unintended Consequences!

A new law allows the IRS to sieze your passport if you owe the IRS $50,000 or more. The IRS can cancel your passport by proposing that you owe $50,000 or more without giving you a chance to dispute it.  This seems unconstitutional since it infers you owe the money when, in fact, it could […]

Why Not To Pay Tax Deductible/Capital Type Items By Cash?

     Paying Your Business Expenses, Home Improvements, Rental Property Repairs, Medical Bills or Charitable or Church Donations By Cash?                                                                              […]

Renting Your Home/Second Home Tax Free

This is a potential hidden gem in the tax code if utilized properly.   Renting Your Home/Second Home Tax Free There is a special rule: if you use a dwelling unit as a personal residence and rent it for fewer than 15 days, you do not need to report any of the rental income and […]

Automation/Technology Replacing Jobs – Is This A Good Move?

This topic came to mind and was initiated by a friend who posted that her very recent airline flight auto landed itself after the pilot announced that the plane’s built-in system would do the landing because of the fog over the airport. Thank God she landed safely because she is a Goddess, a great person […]