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This month I’m swamped with five clients (all business owners) who finally, after several years of procrastination, want to have me prepare their multi-year unfiled personal tax returns.  At last, their stress level has given them the green light signal and they’ve realized they want relief, no more sleepless nights and the euphoric feeling of being caught up on their past years tax filings.

Here are Seven reasons it’s a good idea to file your Unfiled Personal Tax Returns:

  1.  It lessens the chance of subjecting yourself to an IRS or Franchise Tax Board Criminal Investigation for not filing.

2.  It shows good intent, compliance and “Good Faith” by the taxpayer.

3.  It greatly enhances one chances of obtaining a car or mortgage loan as the first thing the lender will ask for is copies of your last two years tax returns.

4.  It allows one to become eligible for an IRS or Franchise Tax Board Installment Agreement (Payment Plan).

5.  It allows one to become eligible for an IRS or Franchise Tax Board Offer In Compromise should one qualify.

6.  If one is unemployed or temporarily ill or disabled, it may enhance one’s chances of being placed into Temporary Non-Collectible Hardship Status.

7.  It gets the time frame running to potentially qualify to discharge your personal taxes via bankruptcy should one qualify.

8.  It ends your “Sleepless Nights” and that is priceless.

As a Former IRS Agent and CPA, I’m uniquely qualified to help with Unfiled Personal and Business Tax Returns and Other IRS Problems, call my office for a free 15 minute phone consultation.